Indian Rummy Rajah: How to Play Teen Patti

Another popular Indian card game you will find on many of the casino sites, Teen Patti, also gets referred to as Teenpathi or Flash. This variation of three-card poker bears a striking resemblance to the UK game three-card brag.

In this poker card game, Aces rank highest and deuces rank lowest. In this simple game, you want to build the best hand possible while maximizing the pot.

A trail, or three of a kind, ranks highest, followed by a straight flush, or three of the same suit in consecutive order. Following this is a straight, also called a  sequence – three consecutive cards of different suits. Finally, you could have a color flush which consists of three cards not in sequence, but of the same suit. 

So, if two players have a color flush, the higher flush wins. The highest color flush is A-K-J, while the lowest flush ranks as 5-3-2. 

You might have a pair also called two of a kind. Like a color flush, if more than one player has a pair, the higher pair wins. If the two players have the same value cards, the hand with the higher ranking kicker card – the third card – wins. Some hands the winner must be determined by the high card because no one has any straight, flush, or pair. 

The dealer distributes cards one at a time to their left. Each person bets or folds. When betting, they add to the pot. turns around the table. 

You can either look at the cards and bet or you can bet blind, meaning you do not look at your three cards first. If you bet blind, the next person must match your bet to stay in the game. They are said to “see” your bet. They can also bet a higher amount, referred to as seeing your bet and raising it. As in, “I will see your bet and I will raise you two rupees.” 

Betting continues around the table until either only one person remains “in” the game, meaning they have not folded, or one player calls for a show, referring to requiring both parties to show their hand. When only one person remains, they will win the pot regardless of the rank of the cards they have. In a show, the two hands get compared and ranked. If one person has a pair, but the other person has three of a kind, the person with three of a kind wins.

Many variations of this exist, including those allowing sideshows, side betting, playing through with no money, and many others. You now know the basics of Teen Patti.