Indian Rummy Rajah: Websites

As mentioned on the homepage, you can play with friends sitting around a table or by the fire, or you can play from anywhere on a computer or smartphone. While some online casinos limit the locations from which you can play, my three favorites let me play whether I am home in Canada or abroad in India. These sites lets an individual in India play for fun or money. When you play for money, the Indian rummy points carry a monetary value in rupees.

System Requirements

You can play Indian rummy against the computer or smartphone with any system, but when you play for money you need speed and power. Most casinos offer a smartphone app and this lets you play on any mobile device. A mobile device works great for practicing the card game, but a computer makes a far better choice when playing for money.

The good news is that you do not need a gaming PC to play most online casinos although such a computer may provide you a slight edge. That is because you will have a fast processor and video/graphics card. While the minimum requirements for each casino will differ, in general, you should use a current computer with at least Windows 10 operating system. A processor about the speed of an Intel Core i5-7500 processor or faster, at least 12GB of RAM, a high-quality graphics card such as the AMD Radeon RX 580 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. The system also needs at least six GB of video memory.

You also need a speedy Internet connection. How fast is speedy? Well, for live play of card games, you typically need at least a download speed of three Mbps, an upload speed of one Mbps plus a ping rate of less than 150 ms. Most of the major carriers in India or Canada will meet these requirements.

Your cell phone service provider may or may not provide speedy enough service. In general, in the city with a strong, four bar connection, a four G (4G) connection could plausibly provide enough speed to play a live game, so long as you are not sharing the connection. If you typically share the device’s service by using the MiFi option, you will likely slow your speed down too much to play from the phone.

Favorite Indian Rummy Casino Sites

Use the links below to explore each of the three recommended online casinos. Each link takes you to a review page on this site so you can explore the casino’s offers and methods before deciding which to play first.